DUSTIN GERKEN Dustin Gerken has had an interest in design and its relationship to enhancing the aesthetic from an early age. He attended design school at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Over the past 10 years, he has been designing and managing all facets of project delivery from scope and budget to design through execution and delivery for a high level design firm in the greater Columbus area. Extensive experience has taken him to New York, Boston, Park City, San Diego, San Francisco, Venice and Paris. He founded his design studio in 2018. Gerken's sensitivity to architectural details, space planning and authenticity in materials has cultivated a style that eschews trend and pays homage to the existing architecture, the land and the clients themselves. His German heritage and creative family background are the bedrock of his taste and acumen. The goal is always to streamline clients within their spaces. Gerken does this by using the client’s desires as a foundation to heighten their spaces in a bold, modern way. Meticulous project planning and order has led to a workflow that does not compromise and his clients have appreciated his style for "changing the way that they live." Gerken is based in Columbus Ohio.